Bridging the gap between health care providers and patients through Empathetic Partnership

Empathetic Partnership is an interdisciplinary framework for helping professionals to guide them in creating effective and meaningful partnerships with their clients and patients. This partnership is an individualized partnership, based on each patient's needs, desires and goals. Empathetic Partnership is based on 6 key elements and is influenced by the concepts of New Zealand nursing's Cultural Safety and the work of US sociologist Brené Brown. Women of sexual minority are used as the exemplar population to demonstrate how Empathetic Partnership works. The We Belong Project is a community and a blog where health care providers and women can come to connect via conversation and for resources. Patients come to The We Belong Project for a sense of community and to be reminded of their innate right to belong. Health care providers come to The We Belong Project for resources to assist them in creating Empathetic Partnership with those they care for.